I’ve been a designer in some form or another my entire life. Whether it be elaborately wrapping gifts, making my Halloween costumes, creating craft cocktails, painting, art direction, or UX/UI design. Design is in my blood.

At first, I intended to be a marketer when I was in college. After I took my first required graphic design course I was completely smitten; there was no turning back. I spent 24 years of my career as a designer, senior designer, and graphic design manager/art director. I’m always looking to keep things fresh so I took the Nielsen Norman Group certification for UX design and have been combining my previous design skills with my web knowledge to become a successful UX designer.

Although my 26-year career has definitely been rewarding, I’m most proud of my work appearing in Variety Magazine, a commercial for Indeed.com, designing official Olympic Pins for Thomson Reuters, and creating a new member onboarding platform for Wings Financial Credit Union.

In my personal life, I am an enthusiast for most things outdoors. I love mountain and road biking, hiking, rock climbing, paddleboarding, snowshoeing, concerts, LEGO, and travel just to name a few things. My dog, Gertie, can be a bit of a handful but she’s an absolute joy. It’s always interesting introducing her to new people and situations.